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This course looks at the impact of digital transformation on cybersecurity risks, an understanding of the threat landscape, and an approach to the application of cybersecurity controls. It provides guidance for students on the best approach to design and build a comprehensive cybersecurity program. Executives are keenly aware of the risks but have limited knowledge on the best way to mitigate these risks. This course also enables our executives to answer the critical question

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The course includes lectures, informative supplemental reference materials, quizzes, exercises, and formal examination. The exercises are a critical aspect of the course. Outcomes and benefits from this course is a practical approach that students can use to build and maintain comprehensive cybersecurity and cyber-risk management programs.

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Develop Human Capital

Auditors seeking to perform and lead cyber security audits
Managers or consultants seeking to develop a cyber security program based on NIST standards
Individuals responsible for maintaining conformance with NIST standard requirements
Technical experts seeking to implement NIST technical controls

5 training days

Certification fees included in the exam price

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Educational Approach

This course assumes the student has successfully taken and passed the NCSF Foundation 2.0 course based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework version 1.1 (release April 2018). Following the course introduction, the course provides an introduction to the intersection between digital transformation and cybersecurity, which is followed by an overview of the threat landscape.

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